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What's Pulp Mold?

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What's Pulp Mold?
What's Pulp Mold?

Pulp mold is a shock absorbing material made from paper.
Its materials are newspapers, corrugated papers, and milk packs.
Because of the use of paper, pulp mold has breath-ability, a water-holding property, and maintains its shape.
This is why it keeps fruits and eggs fresh for a long time.
The ashes of old pulp mold are the same as those of trees and grass.
In addition, we don't use any harmful chemical substances, which means sustainability for our planet.
Not only is pulp mold used with reused papers, but after use can also be degraded as soil.

Production process
Production process

We use a number of different used paper goods. Newspapers, magazines, corrugated papers, Milk cartons, and so on.
Used paper is placed and stirred in water. We then melt the used paper with a machine called a pulper.
A machine called a screen removes garbage (foreign substances) such as metal fittings used for magazines, or paper with vinyl coating.

Production process

The materials are selected carefully and then molded by the machine.
The product is then molded into the drier. Drying time is about 3 minutes.
The finished products are packed up by employees who made the product, and they are then shipped to our clients.