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Our Mission
Quality policy  

Nippon Molding CO LTD uses recycled paper as the main material for egg, fruit, and shipping containers and does its best to meet the demand of its clients.

1. We promise to offer safety in our products
2. Manufacturing standards are followed and clients’ needs are satisfied
3. Satisfying clients’ needs for new or custom products
Moreover, in order to attain these goals, our company follows these guidelines:
a. Requirements, such as clients’ needs, expectations, and demands are properly met and those demands are continuously satisfied.
b. Furthermore, continuously striving to attain quality.
c. To ensure quality is achieved, company policies are set up.
d. These policies may be reevaluated or changed to suit needs of clients.

NIPPON MOLDING GROUP Environmental Policy  

Nippon Molding Group main business are purchase of paper, produce pulp mold products, Transportation, etc. In carrying to promote business abide by the following environmental policies:

The Factory is located in an industrial zone, which has few environmental impacts, and as a result, contributes to the well-being of the environment.
The Factory strives for continuous well-being of the environment and prevention of contamination by following company policies.
While following all national environmental laws, the company will also follow these policies independently aimed at reduction of environmental impacts:
(1) Rationalization of fuel usage and reduction of carbon dioxide emissions.
(2) Promotion of waste recycling and proper waste management.
(3) Carry out proper waste management for prevention of water contamination.
The company president makes these guidelines clear to all employees, ensures all employees understand them, and all management follows them on a daily basis.

Our company takes the aforementio ned environmental policy seriously and makes reduction of carbon dioxide from the Factory drier a top priority.