Nichimou Trading Co., Ltd.

We aim to support the recovery of your resources.
We all would like to see our cities to be beautiful and collecting resources and recycling are just some ways we can help to do that.
Through such activities, people can connect with one another and naturally form a strong foundation within our local towns.
People can become warm-hearted with each other as well
We are here to support such areas that are willing to make such efforts.

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Resource recovery

The collection bag can be set up as it is, so it is easy to work.
Loading of collection bags are done with UNIC vehicles.
Collection done with garbage truck (exclusive truck for cardboards).
It’s reliable even if it’s in large amounts; in such case, we collect by using a container.
Both newspapers and magazines are OK without cutting the strings.Reducing the burden of staffs and ensuring safety.

Resource recovery flow


Precautions for sorting when collecting resources

Newspapers and leaflets Tie up with strings.
Do not put anything other than newspapers and leaflets.
*Put DM and small booklets in the magazines.
Magazines and miscellaneous paper Tie up with strings.
*Put cardboards in these magazines.
*Put the unknown type of paper here.
cardboard Fold and tie up with strings.
*Put the cardboards in the magazines.。
*No need to remove the duct tape or the binding.
Milk carton Cut them open; wash, dry, and squeeze out excess liquid. (No rubber band stopper)
It’s fine to put them in plastic bags or paper bags.
*Do not use aluminum foil inside or brown colored inside. Sort them separately.
*Plastic objects with spouts are not permitted. Please remove them.
Old clothes Clothing (Put clothing items in plastic bags.)
Wet, dirty, torn, or foul-smelling clothes cannot be recycled.
*Cotton, sponge, vinyl, carpet, pillows, bedding, and footwear items will not be accepted.
Aluminum cans Only selected aluminum cans are accepted. Be sure to rinse them well.
*Make sure there is the aluminum can mark. Do not put the steel can.
*Do not crush the cans. Just put them in bags.
(The table scrolls left and right.)