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For those who are thinking of collecting used paper.

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Recycled paper collection

For those who have trouble getting rid of waste paper from your work
For those who are thinking of recycling used paper for your company
We provide a collection system according to the needs of individual business and company and process the recycling responsibly.


Steps to follow in regards to making a request

Classification of used paper accrued by companies, stores, etc.

Cardboard With used cardboard boxes. Open and stack them, then tie them with a string.
You may leave the duct tape as it is, as there is no need to remove it.
Fine paper (OA used paper) With white paper such as copy paper, or printed material
please pile them up and tie them with a string.。
Magazine (other miscellaneous items) With magazines, books, catalogs, and paper in general,
which do not fit under the categories of newspaper, cardboard, beverage paper packs – Again,
please pile them up and tie them with a string.
Newspaper With newspaper, flyers and leaflets,
Please tie them up with a string.。
Beverage paper pack With paper packs for milk,
juice, etc. Cut them open, wash and dry them. Then bundle them up. (Do not use rubber bands to tie.)
You can put them in plastic bags or paper bags.
※Do not put aluminum foil and brown colored inside. Please sort them out separately.
※Plastic objects with a spout are not permitted. Please remove them.
Shredder waste paper Shredded paper is not recommended for resource usage,
as they are labor-intensive, and often incinerated. In some cases, we may not be able to collect them.
(The table scrolls left and right.)